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Prepare to be a Film Fighter or the next Action Star!


ob Goodwin visits Jared Kirby to bring Film Fighting LA to New York City for a SOLD OUT one day Hollywood Fighting seminar on Sunday, September 11, that will cover much of what is needed to work in the Film industry... more information at Hollywood Fighting with Bob Goodwin at

The Goodwin Weekend Workshop Warrior Series
— Stay Tuned... Coming Very Soon!

Each workshop consists of five 2-hour sessions (last session on camera)
Film Fighting LA Fantasy Weapons
Film Fighting LA Weekend Workshop Warrior Weapons
Weapons of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
— Learn how to use the weapons being used in the TMNT film being shot in April, 2013. Robert Goodwin, the original martial arts trainer of the TMNT, is teaching the same traditional weapons and how to act the action.
  • Raphael's Sai
  • Donatello's Jo (short staff)
  • Michelangelo's Nunchaku
  • Leonardo's Ninja To (short swords)
Stunt Coordinating and Fight Directing for Film
  • Directing a fight scene - unarmed, knife, and sword techniques
  • camera angles and camera lines
  • how to work with the actors, director, and the crew
Fighting on Location
— On location or studio-based workshop.
  • cold reading
  • fight choreography with a scene partner
  • meet the director, fight coordinator, 1st AD and the DP
  • warm up
  • work your scene
  • shoot your scene, with changes in direction

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For Information contact Mr. Goodwin: (310) 390-7164 / E-mail
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